Death Ridge is an attraction like no other. Prepare to have your mind invaded by fear as you enter the most immersive, psychological, and downright nightmare-inducing horror experience in Tennessee. With some of the most original and thought-out scenes in the industry, Death Ridge is an attraction not to be missed!

Admission: $15

Come again and get in for $10!

*Attendee must still be wearing armband from previous visit to get $10 rate*

In a hurry? Buy an additional fast pass for $10 to get in quick!


Open Fridays and saturdays in October

346 Campbellsville Pike Ethridge, TN


Facebook Reviews:

"Very fun and exciting and a very friendly staff. It was well worth every dollar and the wait time isn't nearly as bad as some haunted attractions." - Adam Kulick

"Been two years in a row. Very good especially for Ethridge! Keep up the good work. Last year was my favorite! I am already interested in what you guys will do next year! I am coming back this Friday haha. Thank you for your hard work especially managing all the volunteers." - Desiree Loryn Cross

"I absolutely loved Death Ridge!!! I would return again and again!!! I would have an amazing time with my little children or with grown ups!! I loved Death Ridge!!" - Jen Holman

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